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With the increase in the technology there has been a number of facilities and application that has been brought under several products. These technological advancements have also improved the quality and services that now the user does not have to search for several different products and application for connecting different things. A good example of this is the Splash top, Splash top has recently introduced software that can be controlled via a remote, the main function of this software is that it has been designed in order to connect one Mac to another that is it connects Macs to Macs, this news was announced by the company few days back. Splash top has been an active manufacturer and producer; the major achievements of theirs are the successful release of the iPhone version along with which the also launched Android. And recently they have announced the release of new version particularly for Mac OS. The latest price at which the device is being offered is $1.99; one can easily purchase it from the iTunes Application Store.

It is very much true that there are several other manufacturers who are offering remote control devices that can also connect one personal computer to another but what Splash top is offering is far more advanced in its approach. The attractive part over here is that this remote control application not only enables the user to connect Macs to Macs but it also allows the user to play back the videos and sounds on the entire network. The application comes along with a flash plug in via installing which the user can easily play back the videos that are being made over the flash software. It is one of the biggest plus point for the Splash Top as far as the selling of the remote device is concerned. The company also offers an update program for all the users of the different operating systems, by updating the users can conveniently ccess to connect with any of the operating system that is connecting Mac operating systems to the Windows operating systems or any other operating systems.













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